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The Vision:

New Heart Living exists for the expansion of one's potential so you can live an extraordinary life.


The Mission:

Teaching, equipping, inspiring the Body of Christ through focusing on the new; New Creation, New Life, New Heart, New Identity


Connie Miller

Teaching, Equipping, & Inspiring:



Small Groups

Recovery Groups

Transitional Housing Groups


Books By Connie Miller

Connie's Newest Book
Downloads From Daddy Gods Heart
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Rebecca Grimsley-Goodson- Started a new book today at work and can't stop reading, "Downloads From the Heart of Daddy God"  by Connie Miller. I have not read the whole book yet, but I skipped around but I may finish it today. My Masterpiece, Fully Engaged, and Emerge  downloads have really blessed me the most.  This statement from Fully Engaged spoke volumes to me. "Most often, Satan is not your problem, it is an internal war of the will."

Faye Pruitt Pittman- I just sat down and started reading Connie's book, "Two Hearts Collide" and I couldn't put it down. This amazing woman's testimony of her life has brought me to tears and rejoicing as to how she has bloomed for God through adversity. I wish everyone could read this book.

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Connie Miller is a dynamic teacher with great insight into the heart of God. Her passion for teaching others of God’s unmerited favor and grace comes from many years of wrong believing that she had to earn God's love. This was due to the deeply rooted strongholds of rejection and abandonment that she suffered through various relationships in her life. But through those situations and relationships, she has learned to listen to God as He speaks to her through pen and paper.
As she walks through life’s valleys and mountaintops, God has spoken to her in many ways. She has learned to allow God to use her hand to pen His words to her and many others. As you read Connie’s blogs you will be exposed to God’s Amazing Grace. Through that, you will understand how to receive God’s grace and extend His Grace to those you are connected to.
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