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My Dear Child,

There is one common need that runs through mankind that everyone is desperately seeking from others. It is a main cause of bitterness and resentment in relationships when left unmet. It is the need to be seen.

A common misconception is that it is selfish to admit you want to be seen, but I want you to examine with Me what it means when someone really sees you. It is much deeper than someone simply visualizing you with their eyes, although it does entail that.

When one is seen, there first has to be a moment of noticing. That noticing leads one to ask questions and gather knowledge about the person. Knowledge soon leads to understanding of the person and a mental image is constructed. Many times, the wrong mental image is constructed because questions are not asked to gather correct information. Conflict then enters in when there is a lack of understanding; a lack of being seen.

The process of being seen will happen over and over many times in your relationships. Relationships are continually gathering information, understanding, and experience.

I built the need within all mankind to have a desire to be seen. It is a need that can only be partially met by your relationships because in your humanness, you see in part. In other words, people will never have the full picture or full understanding of you.

To be fully seen is to be fully known and understood. The key word here is, fully. That word encompasses everything about you.

I am the only One who fully sees you. I took notice first, when I decided to create you. I do not have to gather any knowledge about you or any understanding. I see you, fully! I love you perfectly.

There will be many times in this imperfect life that you will not be seen. Do not let your heart be troubled, My Child. In those moments, look to Me, and see Me gazing fully upon you with complete knowledge and understanding. I fully see you in the moments that others don’t.

I love you,

Daddy God

1 Corinthians 13:12

Now I know in part, (just in fragments), but then I will know fully, just as I have been fully known (by God).

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