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Updated: Jan 8, 2020

My Dear Child,

Your senses are being magnified in mighty proportions. I am the stimulus within you causing this amplification. You are entering a season that will make you feel like your senses have been dull in comparison to what is happening now.

I am the rousing factor; stirring up the wisdom I have poured in you. Your experience of the insecurities, disappointment, doubt and mental agony, have been some of the key ingredients I have used to create a power source of wisdom and influence to give to the world.

You have been simmering for some time now in the delectable, life-giving revelations I have shown you. One-by-one these truths have brought your temperature up, getting you closer and closer to boiling point.

My rousing, has changed the state of the characteristics you once functioned from to a completely different set of characteristics.

My Child, do you see what is happening? Do you see by your spiritual sight what is beginning? I am the stimulus that is magnifying your spiritual senses; especially your ears. You have reached boiling point! I am intensifying your senses to a degree that you cannot ignore, and that is the point; boiling point!

The sharp sensitivity, the pang in your ears as you hear someone speak error in their belief about Me will be continually increasing. When you sense this, don’t doubt. You are hearing on My frequency; through My ears.

I am ready for you to freely boil over by using your voice to impart life, truth, and wisdom that has been marinating deep inside of you.

The boiling point always requires an acute awareness in the spiritual senses. When a person is ready to boil over and release what I have given them, they will go before people and situations that will be a definite challenge to confidence and focus. I must magnify the spiritual senses, which are on My frequency, so they can recognize when they are on the wrong frequency and quickly tune back.

An acceleration of influence is being put in motion as you respond to this new frequency. It won’t take long for you to adjust to this advanced state in your senses. It is going to be the frequency you live from rather than just visiting there occasionally.

I am tuning you in My Child. You have reached boiling point!

Your Daddy,


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Janet Hallmark
Janet Hallmark
28 sept. 2018

Thank you Connie

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