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Updated: Jan 8, 2020

My Dear Child,

I am the sheriff of the land of your mind and as sheriff I have deputized you.

You must apprehend the destructive thought patterns that have produced harmful habits in your flesh. You are deputized to legally do this.You may have to apprehend these habits many times until you close and cement all the places that they escape, and take you over again.

As a legal deputy, you must walk in your authority over all these criminal trespassers of your mind.

As appointed deputy, you represent Me, and I don't entertain trespassers. I quickly kick them out. I guard My land and My people with great diligence.

As deputy, you must first apprehend the trespassers of your own mind, so you are able to think clearly, and then see clearly when trespassers are near others. You are to help protect the land of their mind as well.

I am the sheriff and I deputize you to apprehend; So get busy!

Your Daddy,


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