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Fickle Lover

My Dear Child,

I am not a fickle lover. On the days that your behavior is erratic, and your emotions are all over the place, My affections toward you remain constant and loyal. I do not deviate in how I see you and what I believe about you.

I am not a fickle lover. When you are unstable, unpredictable, and inconsistent, I am resolute in reminding you of My steadfast, unwavering love.

I am not a fickle lover. In your moments of volatility, I am the staunch, calm, and reassuring voice inside of you.

I am not a fickle lover. When you are unfaithful, I remain faithful to you.

I am not a fickle lover, not fickle in the least. I will NEVER leave you, reject you, or abandon you. My intention will not change towards you and that intention is to give you an abundant, amazing, purposeful, fulfilling life.

You can be certain I am not a fickle lover! I am a covenant keeper, and I will never diverge from the new and better covenant I made with my Son, Jesus.

I am forever the steadfast, dependable, lover of your entire being! I am not a fickle lover.


Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Written by Connie Miller

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