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My Dear Child,

You are very good at doing things for Me. You serve Me well! In fact, you serve me so well that you think that is what pleases Me. This type of service to Me puts you in a type of prison; a prison of performance that makes you feel accepted not only by Me, but yourself.

Do you know what I want, what really pleases Me? I want you to just be My child! I want you to take off the servant mentality and put on the mentality of a much loved and accepted child. I am not your master; I am your Daddy. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do things for your Daddy, but it is so easy to get lost in the doing that you forget to just be; just be loved and in the moment with Me! Allow yourself to be who I have declared you to be; justified and blameless, no longer an orphan but an adopted child, an heir. Just be My Child, first! Then, everything else will have its proper perspective and order.

Belief in My son Jesus pleases Me. I was well pleased with Him before He ever did any service for Me and I declare the same over you! He will live His life through you, as you! He is the life that pleases Me. So, relax! You don’t have to over think and wonder if you have prayed enough, witnessed enough, or read enough of the written Word or done enough good deeds. The work has been done and there is nothing you could do or not do for Me to declare you orphaned again. My child, just be!


Daddy God

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