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My Dear Child,

I am whispering in your ear. Come a little closer, lean in, and listen. Do you hear it? It is a song, My Child. I am singing you a melody. I have been singing this melody to you for many years now. You must know, My voice never tires from singing this melody to you. While you sleep, I sing. While you work, I sing. While you feel far, I sing. When you are sad, I sing and when you are overwhelmed, I sing. There have been times that you have heard this tender, whispering song of melody I have been singing to you, but it is quickly muted out by louder, distracting voices and sounds. I whisper to you because My whisper is louder than any other voice that you will ever hear; even your own voice.

My whisper can be compared to what the wind does to a pile of leaves when it begins to blow. You begin to hear a rustling coming from the leaves. It is soft at first, a gentle rustling from just a small movement of the leaves. Then the wind increases in strength when it blows and it moves the leaves and they begin to stir around even more. The rustling then increases in volume.

The melody I have been whispering in your ear started out as a whisper you could not hear, but it was softly blowing truth into you. The message in this melody I sing is so pleasant and sweet that it begins a stirring within you, just like the leaves. My whisper has a way of increasing with intensity without getting louder that causes a greater stirring to occur. What does stirring do? It creates movement.

Do you know what I have been singing as I have been whispering into your ear all these years? Lean in, pay attention and listen closely:

Love has come! Your deliverer is here! Your chains are gone! You are shackled no more! Freedom, freedom, freedom, it has been purchased for you! Your deliverer is here! Your deliverer is here! Now run, My Child and claim the promises I reserved just for you!!!"

I love you!

Your Daddy,



Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is among you, a warrior who saves. He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will be quiet in his love. He will delight in you with singing."

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