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My Dear Child,

The reality of the world you thought you lived in has crumbled. At first, I removed one brick at a time to allow you to absorb and process what you were learning. It did not take long before I was able to shatter several bricks of deception at a time.

Now, here you are grappling with how to maneuver in this new reality. Whenever I upgrade you to a new level of truth, a mental shift must happen. You are not alone in how you are feeling. In this past year, I have been maneuvering in a way that is revealing many levels of truth to multitudes of people. The mental shift that is happening in so many at once makes the atmosphere’s equilibrium feel off balance.

Where evil has made many tactical maneuvers to manipulate and deceive, I have been maneuvering to open space and ability for My Children to take ground for the Kingdom of Heaven like no other time in history.

I have been maneuvering in your life where you could not see or discern to prepare you for this time! I have been preparing you for the time when you would be able to hold and carry the full truth of how evil has been deceiving humanity for decades.

I have also shaken your reality and brought it crumbling down to remind you that you have been standing on a firm foundation from the moment you called out to Me to save you. You now carry the hope that the world needs; ME!

This moment in time will require you to put into action what you know to be true by My Spirit. I need you to ready yourself for those I am sending your way when they see their house has been built on shaking sand.

You are a tree planted by streams of living water. The wind and the rain of life’s storms have caused your roots in Me to grow deep. You have become steadfast and not easily moved.

I am causing your enemies to flee at the sound of your footsteps. The fear they have taunted you with will now be the fear that taunts them back and causes them to scatter in confusion.

Angelic hosts have been intensely fighting on behalf of all the prayers of the Saints.

Let this word encourage you today My, Child. Use your faith that I have generously given you and soon, very soon, what you do not yet see, will manifest.

I love you.

Your Daddy,


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