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Perfect Climate

My Dear Child,

While you are flying in this airplane, I want you to think about the climate inside the cabin.

Inside this cabin, the climate is well regulated. It is not too hot nor too cold. It is peaceful and calm inside the cabin, while turbulence is causing the exterior of the plane to move about.

You are being served beverages and tasty treats for your pleasure and comfort while you are in this regulated climate.

While the climate outside of the plane may change as you fly through the sky, the atmosphere inside the cabin stays the same.

There is another place where the climate never changes. It is always peaceful, enjoyable, and calm. There is no anxious activity, worry, agitation, or chaos. It is a beautiful climate to live in and to live from.

This place is within you, My Child. It is a Kingdom where you and I reside together, spirit-to-spirit, in perfect union. It is your born-again spirit living as one with My Holy Spirit. It is the inner court at the core inside of you.

This is why I declared that rivers of living water would flow out of your belly. It comes from the place of life; a regenerated life in My son, Jesus.

You must always remember that it is in your soul area that worry, fear, and agitation exist.

Some days, there won’t be much turbulence, and other days you will be tossed about from extreme turmoil.

I desire to train you to live from your spirit, which resides with Me, where the climate is perfect and peaceful.

I regulate the climate here and desire to serve up delectable treats that produce lasting satisfaction and fullness.

The world tells you to look for Me outside of yourself. I say, ‘look and listen from within.’ My spirit and your spirit move as one, and then we speak to your soul, which moves your body. But only if you allow yourself to believe it, and listen from within.

Rest, relax, and live from this place where the climate is always perfect.

Your Daddy,


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