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My Dear Children,

Before I set earth and time in motion, I devised a mighty plan. This plan stretches across through the ages of human history. Eternally, My plan is already finished, but you are yet living out this plan through the seen and temporal world.

My Children, you must remember that despite what you see, goodness has triumphed over evil. When My son, Jesus, died and rose again, evil lost! What remained was for those who would yet believe in My son to be retrieved from the evil one. This is done through the most powerful source there is; My Holy Spirit!

Do not be discouraged by what you see going on around you. I have set you upon the earth for this specific time. I could have placed you in a completely different era, but I chose NOW to set you upon the earth.

Do you not see that you have been positioned for the battle? You are My Son’s and Daughter’s and you must take your stance as the Army of God! Look around you and see your mission. Hear your commander speaking in your ear, “Rise up, and expel the darkness! Shine your light into ignorance!”

You are the elite warriors, My Children! You far surpass the Army of darkness in power and authority. Advance boldly dispelling the lies that are holding other’s hostage. Let My words encourage you today for the battles that are before you.

I love you!

Your Daddy,


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