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You must learn to regulate your internal atmosphere. I have set you upon earth to fulfill a specific purpose. You must learn regulation procedures to ensure accuracy of operation to fulfill your Kingdom assignments. You are a citizen of a Kingdom that I desire to manifest here on earth. You were not meant to conform to the standards and norms of this world.

As you live in this world, there will be tension all around you. Some of this tension will be orchestrated by Me to teach you how to regulate your perceptions and thoughts of what is happening externally. Pressure has a way of bringing about change. Pressure brings out what is on the inside of you. Pressure allows you to release your full potential and manifest My very life to the world.

The evil forces of this world will always try to use external pressure to produce chaos in your internal atmosphere, but you can choose to regulate through obedience to the internal promptings I give you. I always prompt from within because that is where I reside by My Spirit. In the inner court, your spirit with My spirit, there is peace. This is because spirit is always from an eternal realm, a country different from what has ever been seen here on earth. The Kingdom rule operates from a different set of regulations. This is why you must listen from within, and control your internal atmosphere. I will always guide you.

As you go through life, you will learn how to not only regulate your internal atmosphere, you will learn how to regulate every atmosphere you walk into. You will command all things to come into alignment with the Kingdom. That is exercising authority and taking dominion. So, get to regulating My Child. I have much for you to do.

Your Daddy,


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