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My Dear Child,

Sometimes what you think is just sickness is really Me pushing the reset button. There are many ways that I push the reset button in My children’s lives. You must remember the truth that you first heard all those years ago about Me; I allow things in My wisdom that I could easily prevent with My power!

I hate sickness and how you feel when you are sick. I have stomped your sin into the grave through My son Jesus, never to remember it again, but it’s residual effects still manifests in your physical body. Your body is dying daily, but your spirit living in perfect union with Me lives entirely renewed, flawless, and free from the residual of sin.

Because of the high tenacity, I have designed you to have, you get to spinning like a hamster on its exercise wheel. You need many activities as your exercise wheel, I created you that way, but once you get spinning so fast, with so many events and tasks, you do not realize how tired and worn down you are really getting. When a hamster is tired and runs all its energy out, it will stop and get off the spinning wheel. My Child, you do not!

You stay on the wheel. When you remain on that wheel for too long, you do not adequately evaluate the priorities you have established. You are blinded by the detrimental flesh habits you have created to keep up with the speed of the spinning wheel.

When I am speaking to you about this, you are imagining it is always your physical pace. But many times, it is your mental pace. Often, this constant spinning of your mental faculties is just as, if not more, harmful to you than your physical spinning.

Yes, I created humanity to be able to withstand much adversity, pressure, and spinning on the wheel, but only through My sustaining power and sustenance.

Illness, for a time, stops the wheel. Sickness recalibrates the speed of the motor. Physical limitations that I allow because of My wisdom prevents you from going at the same rate that you have always been accustomed to.

Illness, eventually hits everyone in this seen and temporal world, whether lost or saved. It removes the veil in the hope that reality will be clearly seen, and a reset will happen.

So, My Child, the next time you are ill, remember it just could be Me resetting the speed of the hamster wheel you have yourself on. I love you!

Your Daddy,


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