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See Yourself Through God's Compassion

I am beginning to see better God's eyes of great compassion towards me when I am struggling physically or emotionally. I usually have no problem seeing other people through God's eyes which causes me to show compassion and empathy towards others. When it comes to myself, I often see through my carnal mind. With my carnal mind, the old programming I told myself about myself is always critical, performance based, and shame focused.

God does not shame, criticize, or point a finger at us when we are in our worst moments of self suffering that causes us to act in a way that doesn't match who we really are. Such compassion He has towards us when we act our worst. He always defends us against ourselves.

God sees deep into the depths of our frail and complex humanity and knows all the why's because He lives there with us. His love and mercy in our moments of suffering and despair is greater than we can comprehend. He feels it all with us.

He is impressing upon me the importance of seeing His great compassion, empathy, and tender heart towards me in my worst moments. This is living loved. He wants you to see this too!!

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