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My Dear Child,

You are on the precipice looking down upon the land of your purpose. You are very excited to go forward to the many destinations I have for you. This is good and it makes me happy to see your excitement and zeal to go where I take you, but you are on the precipice, which leaves you with a dilemma.

The precipice is high up and it is very steep with many rocks and boulders. It has been a climb to get where you are. I have seen every struggle and I know the exertion it takes to get to this height. Remember, I have journeyed every step of the ways with you. I have been leading you to this precipice. It is exactly where I want you. I want you to see the scale of the greatness I have planed for you and you can only see it from greater heights.

On the precipice that I have placed you on are many sheer drops. One step the wrong way and you will lose your footing, lose the ground you have taken, and lose sight of the grand vision from the precipice. There are forces surrounding you, trying to make you trip and fall. They do not want you to go any further. This is why it is critical that you keep your eyes on me and trust me to lead you from this high place.

You have been given the vision and glimpses of where I am leading you, but because you are so anxious to get there, you are tempted to run ahead of Me. You are in a precarious situation right now, and it will require a new depth of trust, patience, and persistence if you are to travel forward into this great territory I have for you. Each step you take must be with intentionality. No more wandering here and there. The danger is to great that surrounds you at this height. Keep your eyes and ears tuned sharply toward Me! I am your great Shepard; you must follow closely where I lead!

I love you, My Child. You are of great value to me. I have placed treasures inside of you that My other children need. I will fiercely protect and defend you, so you will arrive where I intend for you to be. The question is, will you go deeper in your trust of Me?

Your Daddy,


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