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Trophy of Triumph

My Dear Child,

You are My trophy of triumph. I am raising you up high and putting you on display. You are the evidence of My Son’s victory. What good is a trophy if it can’t be seen? It is meant to be displayed so others can see it and rejoice over the success of the one it belongs to. Honor is brought to My name when you walk confidently in the giftings I have placed within you.

When I see you on display, shining bright like the finest of gold, I smile! I smile because darkness sought to overcome you and take you down, but My great love stomped out the darkness on your behalf. You don’t always see it or feel it but I have illuminated you with My radiance. I have adorned you with majesty because you have been adopted into a royal family.

I have not made you to be common but to be uncommon. You are My trophy of triumph made to stand out. Do not be afraid to be different because it is that difference that will draw others to Me, the one who lives in you. As I put you on display, you will become My mouthpiece. Other’s need to hear the voice of love above all the other voices.

No matter what happens My Child, do not take yourself off display. I need you, My trophy of triumph, fully on display. I will bring other triumphant trophies to come beside you so you will be encouraged to stay up high, on full display, when you feel like hiding.

I am so very proud to display you, to show you off, My Child. You will forever be My trophy of triumph.

Your Daddy,


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