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My Dear Child,

You are in a season of great unlearning. The only way to discard something previously learned from your mind is to replace it with new thoughts.

At first the unlearning will be quite challenging because the natural man wants to cling to what it already knows.

When a new truth, idea, or concept is introduced it is compared to coming to an intersection. The old way of thought and the new way of thought intersect. It is at this intersection that a choice will be made on what way you will go and what you believe.

At first, you will more than likely go the familiar way; the way you have always thought and believed. The problem is that if you continually go the same route when you come to an intersection, you will never discover that there perhaps is a better, easier, and simpler way to go. The familiar way is what you believe to be the right way until you decide to try a new direction and then you discover what you believed about the original route was wrong. The new way is so much better.

My Child, you will come to many intersections throughout your life. Some intersections will be the same ones over and over until you think a new way which causes you to believe and go a new way.

Some intersections will be well lit and you will know the right way to think and go, while others will be very dim, and you will need to pay close attention to the signs I am giving to direct you in the right way to think and go.

Don’t fight the unlearning! Some thoughts and ideas about Me have to be unlearned so you can receive fully My love and affection towards you. You cannot walk confidently in your full identity on this earth if your beliefs are wrong.

My Child, I am the One doing the work within you and in your circumstances. You can trust Me to confirm a new truth to you as many times as you need Me too until it is deeply set and cemented into your belief system.

You must remember this; I have always been the initiator. You are the responder. I initiated your salvation, you responded and received My son, Jesus as your only way for salvation. There was never anything you could do to earn it; therefore, there is nothing you can do now to lose it. I am your keeper, not you!

My beloved, I want you to rest, relax, and trust Me in the process of unlearning. I love you!

Your Daddy,


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