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Birth certificate determines identity, not performance. Have some of us forgotten that in the body of Christ? Your identity as an adopted child of God means; He will not disinherit you. A parent of an adopted child is not legally able to disinherit that child for any reason. That parent chose that child to adopt and its a permanent placement.

When is the church going to start resting in the finished work of Jesus and just being a child of Daddy God? We are way more focused on perfect obedience than He is. You know why? Because, obedience focus never produces obedience. Rules and regulations never produces anything. It just shows us that we can't do it, not apart from relationship. Most of the church is talking double talk. Grace saves you, not works. But then, somehow it becomes all about performance again, works. So we have a very confused generation, just like I was for many years. Until the perfect timing of God in my life when He would bring understanding to this incredible, unmerited, love relationship. You cannot preach obedience, throw out any scripture at people out of context and out of the old covenant, and expect them to perform.

Relationship and becoming rooted and grounded in God's love is what naturally produces in us a desire to want to do what our Daddy tells us. For some, it takes many years for that to happen. Through the unique lesson plan the Holy Spirit has for each of us, He grows our understanding and experience of the revelations He gives us about Himself through daily life, and that firmly plants us in His love.

It may look like someone is being very disobedient on the outside to us, but for where they are at in the lesson plan and process of God, they actually may be obedient to what God is telling them.

I have already been made perfect, righteous, justified, and sanctified in my inner self; My Spirit. Its been done, finished. Thought patterns and behaviors are the only things being renewed and sanctified now. So, although it is important to learn obedience as we walk in this world for our own benefit, and well being, that only comes step-by-step as we learn the truth of our Daddy's heart for us. Even in the days of my deliberate disobedience; you know we all have them for whatever reason, it doesn't change my identity or my Daddy's love for me. He is fixed and permanent. If there was nothing I could ever do to earn this great gift of eternal life in the Kingdom, then there is nothing I can do to take it away. Being rooted in this truth, will actually free me to relax with Daddy and want to be obedient to His loving guidance.

The church is screaming obedience, and performance to each other, while God is just trying to firmly establish and ground them in His love. We must stop this. No one has ever wanted to be obedient to a task master. But in relationship with a Daddy, the desire grows to follow where He leads and say what He say's.

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