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What is Your Frame Saying About You

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Most of us know that thoughts drive our words. What we often don't realize though is that words frame our lives. Now, if words frame our lives, we must take a deeper look at what a frame does.

Let's think about a picture frame. A picture frame encloses and supports. A frame is used to enhance a picture. It can bring out the beauty of a picture, or it can take away the beauty from the picture.

Remember our words are a frame around our lives. The positive words we speak about ourselves, our circumstances, and others frames our life with attractiveness. The positive words of our frame reveals and enhances the picture of the inner beauty of our life. This then means that the negative, unkind, words we speak about ourselves, our life, and others gives our life an un-appealing frame. To put it frankly, our frame can become repulsive to others which will cause them to miss seeing the inner beauty of our life. What they will see is the ugly frame.

We must honestly evaluate what our frame looks like to others. A frame is also a structural element, like that of a building or the frame of our body.

How strong is your structure? You can examine how strong your structure is by what you speak. If it is weak and wobbly from not being built correctly, it will show in critical, sarcastic, negative, mean, and hateful words.

Now remember, our thoughts drive our words. This also is known as our, frame of mind. Our frame of mind is our disposition, temper, or mood.

So, if our frame of mind is not right, what we need to do is rebuild our structure. We do this by spending focused time with Daddy God. When we listen, really listen, and not just hear, He will speak to our heart directing us as to how to rebuild our structure for that particular day, moment, hour, and even minute. He may tell us to read scripture, call a mentor, help someone, exercise, listen to uplifting music, or to just be still. As we learn to listen to His inner promptings, our frame of mind will begin to change.

The areas that are weak in our structure are the areas in our mind where we have believed lies. As we replace those lies with truth and live from those truths, our structure will be rebuilt, and made strong. If our structure is strong through truth, then when the elements of life come at us, our structure will not bend, or break. The strength of our structure comes from the inside out, not the outside in.

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