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In this deep, dark place, I cannot hear You or find You. I cry out, 'Lord, help me!' Why can I not hear you? Direct me for I know not the way. Yet, still I have confusion, worry, and stress. Why is this so when I cry out? Where are You, Lord? Do You still love me? I cannot take one step forward! To the left or to the right, which path do you want for me? 

Faith, faith is the key. Release your faith in Me! Your faith is feeble and weak, but it is still there for I have given everyone their own measure of faith. I am growing your faith in Me. Have faith when you cannot hear Me. Have faith when you cannot feel Me. Have faith, My child. I am still your God, leading the way even when you don't realize it. I am often a hidden God for the very purpose to help you release your faith. Have faith, My child; That is the key! Then you will begin to see ME!!!

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My Dear Child,

     It's time for you to Emerge! You have been hiding. If you are focusing on what is not right about you, the real you cannot emerge.

     You are afraid! Fear is controlling your life. Fear keeps you from Me. Fear steals your boldness to love others with abandon. Fear keeps you doubting what you know to be truth. My Child, fear is paralyzing you.

    It's time to emerge! Allow yourself to be seen so I may shine through you. It's time to fully live in the new life I have given you. You are not inferior to anyone. 

     You are My Child, and I love you so much! You no longer can live a lifestyle of hiding. I do not reject you; Stop rejecting yourself!

     I have made you to shine. Arise from the fear that has held you down. Emerge, My sweet Child.

Your Daddy God

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