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Mediators of Gods Love

As believers, we straddle two realms. God created it so that we are the means and the agents by which His kingdom comes, and His will is done on the earth as it is in heaven.

God's kingdom of love is always at hand and God chose it to manifest in our world and our lives through human representatives-those who CONSENT to mediate God's love. Just as Jesus is the sole mediator before God the Father, the Father invites us as willing partners to mediate the presence of a Savior into this world. Christ has done the foundational work of salvation and redemption for all for He was the only human partner and the divine, and only He could provide this. But now, we are invited to participate in giving His love that transforms the world.

God has filled us with supernatural love, and He has designed you and I perfectly for pouring out His kindness, love, and generosity to the world. We have the privilege of nurturing all that is around us. We are stewards over His creation.

When I think of all the people that have crossed my path throughout my life who have been mediators of God's love to me, I am overwhelmed with awe and gratitude. God also reminds me of all the times I have mediated His love to others. There is no greater fulfillment and purpose than this.

For the times that we fail and have failed, His mercy and grace is always showering upon us. He knew the rise of humanity would also require His mercy.

God participates with us, and we participate with Him. He by no means needs human partners but He chooses it to be this way. What an awesome privilege and role we have as ambassadors of the Kingdom!!

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