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We all have a bias when we first begin reading the Bible. Our bias often comes from what we were first taught about God and whatever denominational influence we were under. Then, when you read the Bible, you filter everything through that bias.


A bias is a preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment. We all have biases.


The last few years God has been taking me through a tremendous process of ridding some of my biases regarding the Bible and of Him.


You would think this would not be a big deal, and fairly easy, but let me tell you, once you realize this is what He is doing, your whole frame of mind changes and your belief system feels like it is turned upside down. I suppose that is really what is happening.


I know we will always have some bias, and God will always be challenging those biases to set us free and open us up to accept that the Gospel is far better than we first imagined.

GOD has changed my mind about so many things I thought were the truth in the doctrinal theology I was taught, and He keeps on blowing my paradigm.


God has used incredible people to push me along in my journey of discovering that He is way "gooder" (as my husband would say, lol) than I ever dared to dream.


I now read the Bible knowing it is not without error because God allowed His children to write and translate His story, but there is NO ERROR in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I no longer worship my Bible because it isn't the Bible that's alive, it is the living Word of God, Jesus Christ that is alive. Anything that is illuminated from the Bible is the living Spirit of a God illuminating it for me. Otherwise, they are just words on a page.


Now, some will be aghast at the above statement because we have been taught to worship our Bibles and we don't dare question anything that is written in it. No, I am not a heretic (lol), the Bible is especially important to me, I just know now that it's all to lead me to the living God, who now lives in me. He walks and talks with me. There is more to discover beyond what is written in the pages of the Bible. It is about YOU experiencing the love and true character of God as you walk in Him and He in you.


Once my sight changed through the working of the Holy Spirit, the Bible and what I saw in it changed radically.


My eschatology changed, it was so different, better, and clearer than what I had been taught and believed.


There have been many times I have thought, "How could I have been so biased and wrong?" Then I am reminded that I am not unique in this area. God knows and understands our biases and He is the One who is working is us to change those biases.


I was wrong about a lot, and I am sure there will be more that He shows me I am wrong about, but there is so much more now that I know is right because it is the persons, three in one, that showed it to me.

Remember, it is all about the journey of relationship with the One who made you and knows you completely.


Jesus is the ONLY perfect theology.

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