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Purposefully Restless

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

I have come to the understanding that when I feel restless, I need to pay close attention to it, and lean my ear in a little closer to hear what God is telling me through the restlessness. There have been various reasons as to why I may feel restless, but I want to share what I believe has been the biggest reason for my restlessness and for others as well; it is called purpose!

Purpose is God's original intention for the creation of a thing or a person. Not only did He create us because He wanted son's and daughter's, but also so we would fulfill a specific purpose on the earth. Our gifting's accompany our purpose. In other words, when He was forming each of us in our mother's womb, He gave us inherent gifting's so we would be equipped to fulfill our assignments here on earth. In Ephesians 2:10 it states, "we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which He prepared in advance, that we should walk in them." God created everything with purpose.

Purpose beckons you through restlessness. It whispers of unfulfillment; You know you were made for more. Discontent is always knocking at the back door of your mind; you aren't satisfied with mediocracy. The gifts and talents you have are screaming at you from within to be put to use; you must align them with your purpose. Greatness is trying to break its way out of you; the real you must manifest.

Restlessness has been one of the most powerful ways God has moved me out of unfocused, complacent, unfulfilled living to an intentional, vision driven, purposeful way of life. And when God wants me to go to a higher level in my purpose, expanding my capacity, a new restlessness arises up within me. I now see restlessness as a friend that helps me to discern the direction that God desires me to go in.

So, the next time restlessness is screaming from within you, stop and listen closely; Purpose may be beckoning you, pulling you to your destiny!

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