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My Dear Child,

You are so much more than you realize. For too long you have been living with a mindset of mediocrity.

You are not ordinary or average.

You are not marked by commonplace.

You do have second-rate ability or value.

You are not uninteresting or dull.

You do not lack freshness or effectiveness.

You are not undistinguishable from those around you.

Oh, My Child, you are so much more than mediocre.

You are extraordinary and far beyond average. You are an uncommon person of mighty valor.

You are first rate, never second in my eyes. Your abilities are far greater than you could ever realize because I am the power source of your abilities. There is no one who can do what I created only for you to do. That is how unique you are and why you are a gift to the world around you.

Your value to me is beyond your human mind's comprehension. You are necessary to the environments you step into and have great purpose for the time I set you up on the earth.

You are exceptional and outstanding because you are royalty. You have the same rank, power, and position as Jesus. You stand in Him.

You are a refreshing wind to the people around you because the Spirit dwells in you.

You are my mouthpiece, and a speaker of life, not death; love, not hate.

You are distinguished and marked by love. You were made to stand out.

My Child, do you see now that you are far from mediocre? I want you to believe what I have declared about you. It is how I see you and who I know you to be.

So, My Child, go live this spectacular life I have given you and be your wonderful self.

I love you,

Daddy God

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