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The Spoils of War

My Dear Child,

What happened on the cross was My vengeance upon the strongman. This strongman is known as the prince of darkness. He is the great distorter and through distortion, man's identity was hijacked. This prince was confident that mankind

was held securely in his grip of deception.

But, when a Stronger Man suddenly comes upon the strongman, He overtakes him, strips him of his armor and his power, and the spoils of war are his.

My son Jesus is the Stronger Man that overcame man’s adversary, the devil.

The cross was initiated by us, and it was an offensive action that was deadly and devastating to the kingdom of darkness.

I was with My son on the cross that great day awakening man to his true identity. Mankind needed a visual aide of what My love looks like to correct the distortions so trust in My Fatherhood would be restored. I was not holding man's distrust and unbelief against them.

When Jesus said that it was finished, it was a victory statement and it meant that the spoils of war were His.

You, My Child, are the spoils of this great and mighty victory. You are our most prized and valuable creation; a possession that is tenderly, gently, and lovingly cared for.

Mankind’s chains to Satan, sin, and death have been broken. His power has been eradicated. You may experience some leftover residual effects from the years you spent under the evil one’s deception, but since We reside in you, we will always be there to remind you of who you are and Whom you belong to. Weapons of accusation may still form against you, but we will refute them, and they will not prosper.

The veil of deception was ripped in two on that great and mighty Day of Reconciliation. The strongman has been permanently defeated on your behalf by the Stronger Man, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

Run free, My innocent little one. Your ransom has been paid in full!! I love you!

Your Daddy,


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