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The Seed

I planted some grass seed in our back yard a few weeks ago. I must say, I have enjoyed going out in the morning and evening time and watering the seeds. I found myself growing in anticipation of seeing that first sprout of grass come up.

After about a week and a half of watering I began having doubts about the seed taking root and producing grass. I thought I should see results by now. My husband reassured me that soon it would start sprouting, I just needed to have patience.

Sure enough, just a couple days later the seeds started sprouting little shoots of grass everywhere. I had to laugh at myself about the excitement I felt just from grass seeds sprouting.

As I have been thinking about these grass seeds, I am reminded that we have had a seed implanted into us as believers. This seed is an incorruptible seed, the living Word of God, Jesus Christ.

There is nothing that will kill this seed and this seed will produce.

But just like I was getting impatient with the grass seed not sprouting, we also get impatient with others and ourselves when we don’t see change happening like we think it should or as fast as it should when someone is born-again.

I feel like I am to remind someone today that although it seems nothing has changed in that person or even perhaps in yourself, the seed is doing its work.

As I kept watering that grass seed, a change was happening that I could not see. It had all the elements it needed to produce. It had sun, water, and soil.

The incorruptible seed that lives in every believer has what it needs to produce as well. It has its own water because it produces living water. It has the sun because the seed is light. And finally, it has the soil, which is our hearts that have been made soft and pliable. Oh yes, this seed will produce abundantly. Just be patient.

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