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401K: Source or Resource

My Dear Child,

The earth realm functions on a different system than My Kingdom does. You are no longer a legal citizen of the earth realm but a legal citizen of the Kingdom of God. This means that as you live the remainder of your assigned day's here on the earth, you will be continually learning to function through a different set of principles than what you have been used to.

My precious Child , I need you to understand that a 401K or any type of retirement plan is not your source of security! I am your only source for total security! I am your abundant, never-ending provider. I never stop at needs; I am a more than enough and then some more, provider!

The earth realm systems train a person to make destiny decisions based on what will bring the best provision; Kingdom systems train people to move in the direction of their unique gifting's, passions, and talents. Every person has a unique purpose that I desire for them to fulfill while on the earth. Each person has a solution to another persons problem.

I created you to be a need filler. You are My hands and feet while on this earth realm. This is why I live in you. When you move in your natural temperament and gifting's, I am able to manifest naturally through you. When you try to be someone I have not designed you to be, you stifle Me! I can still move through you but not as powerfully as I desire.

I want your focus to be on pursuing those things that you are good at and passionate about. Refine those gifting's and talents and I will direct you in how to invest financially for your future. I have many ways to provide resources for your financial prosperity for your senior years of living. Be obedient to My promptings of how to spend your money now and what to put back; I will teach you how to be wise through Kingdom principles. A labor and work more mentality is not a Kingdom mentality. You have a rightful inheritance and wealth that is yours right now while you are living on earth. Come to the secret place with Me and I will reveal strategies that are currently hidden to you.

Always remember My Child, I am your only security in a world that is always changing.

Your Daddy,



Matthew 6:26 ESV

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

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