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Emotions Are Indicators

God does not want you to have just an intellectual head knowledge of Him. His love is to be felt and experienced. When we personally experience His love, that is when He becomes tangibly real to us.

There will obviously be many times when we do not feel Him or sense His presence in us, but I want you to think about all the decisions you make in any given week. Each decision we make, and everything we do, our emotions/feelings are involved whether we realize it or not. We "feel" all the time. Why would God not want us to feel and experience Him?


Our brains were designed in such a way that if emotions are not involved, we would have a very difficult time making decisions we need to make.


I used to be afraid of everything I felt, and I believed I could never trust my emotions/feelings, especially when it came to issues of faith and God.


Now, I'M NOT SAYING we can always trust what we feel because our emotions that come up at times are often connected to events of the past and our perception of those events, and we all know we can have some very messed up perceptions. Something we experience today can trigger emotions that were involved with the past. The body doesn't know the time difference.

I have learned from God that He never intended for me to be a robot that has no emotions. He designed emotions/feelings to be involved with every part of my life and in my relationships, including my relationship with Him.


Compassion is an emotion. Sympathy is an emotion, Passion is emotional. Joy is an emotion. Anger is an emotion. Hurt is an emotion. Love involves emotion. Everything we do has emotions tied to it.

So, instead of ignoring them, and trying to suppress them, try seeing them as indicators, paying attention to what God is wanting to tell us through them. He helps us muddle through them and make sense of them and truly experience them.


Emotions are always indicating something, and they drive us more than we realize. This is not a bad thing if we can learn from God how to not let them control us or dictate what's true.

Once again, I say we can't always trust them, but they are always indicating something, and we need to pay attention.


I'm so glad that I have a God who wants me to feel Him and be emotionally involved with Him. I can trust Him to guide me in all the emotions I feel and help me make sense of them.


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