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It's ok to be in a place of I don't know, or I am not sure. In other words, it is called "being on the fence" about an issue. I have found that when I'm honest about being in this place, I am able to see what God might be wanting to show me about an issue.

I used to be very dogmatic in what I believed and how I interpreted certain Scriptures. I had heard things over and over that I just believed it and I thought that was the only way to see it. Oh, was I wrong? My mind has been changed on many things and what I thought I knew to be true. I see God differently and have experienced Him in ways that I never thought possible.

Let's just face it, there are some things we are just never going to know for sure until we get on the other side of physical death. You can find a Scripture to fit any belief that you have. We all want to be right about things. We all think we are right. Until we find out we're not. Then we wonder, what else have we been wrong about?

I'm done with the petty arguments and the back and forth of proving what we think to be the correct interpretation of Scripture. I have found love gets lost in trying to prove our points. We can get really nasty when we get caught up in it.

There are some things that I know for sure that God has shown me, and there are many things I am on the fence about. And that is okay. And I am okay when others are on the fence about things. I can give a viewpoint of how I see it, but I don't have to try to push them over the side of the fence that I think they should be on. God is perfectly capable of helping us be on the side of the fence that we should be. And I am finding that there are some things that I probably will always be on the fence about while I'm here and God has told me it is ok. It's ok for you too.

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