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The Music of Grace

We all know some religious folks. You know the ones I'm talking about.

These are the people who throw a Scripture at you to prove they are right in what they say and to show you are wrong.

They hurl Scriptures at people giving a message of fear and dread rather than the good news of the Gospel.

These same people boast proudly about how they have read the Bible from front to back and yet they have no real understanding of the Word.

Allow me to give you an analogy that can perhaps help you deal gracefully with people like this.

I love music. God uses music to speak to me in powerful ways. It stirs my emotions and increases my momentum. Now, if someone were to put a music sheet in front of me full of notes, I would have no idea what those notes mean in relation to playing them on an instrument. I could read the notes to someone but that's all I would be able to give them.

In the same way, religous people are reading the notes of God's Word with absolutely no idea of how to play the music. All they are giving people are the notes, and anyone can do that.

These people need to know how to play the music because without the music, people can never really enjoy the living Word. It's just notes to them.

Fortunately, many of us have finally been taught how to play the music of grace. Now, we have been given the responsibility to teach those stuck in the notes of religion how to play the music of grace.

So, when you encounter that religous person today, play for them the beautiful music of grace. It won't be long before they will be playing it too.

Connie Miller

New Heart Living

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